A Makerspace Movement at QSI Zhuhai

Ask any student at QSI Zhuhai what one of their favorites places in school is and you’ll hear Makerspace over and over again! Two years ago, the Makerspace started off in the corner of the library, today it has its own 200 square meter room filled with a green screen, 3 D Printers, wood working tools, sewing machines, electronic and building materials, a recycled materials center, a pre-school center, crafts galore, and more!

Makerspace is such a popular space because it’s an area outside the classroom that gives students of all ages the opportunity to learn new skills, unleash their creativity, and master TSW’s at the same time. Students love to showcase their knowledge and newly acquired skills in creative and fun ways. Teachers love it because students are engaged, focused, and excited about what they are doing in the Makerspace. Everyone agrees the learning that goes on in the Makerspace is fun and exciting, and you never know what someone will make!

Teachers at QSI have also enriched their knowledge of all things Makerspace by attending guided monthly activities with the Makerspace teacher. Makerspace is successful due to the commitment of teachers to get their classes into the Makerspace, even when it’s out of their own comfort zone. It’s become a learning area for everyone in the school, teachers and students alike! Let’s join together and spread the makerspace movement to all schools throughout the QSI system. If you’re curious about how to start a Makerspace in your school, visit https://prezi.com/view/xXK28Mif3nTOj11cg6Ek.