Step Inside the QSIY Library

Like all our specials teachers, Ms. Lucy creates activities and teaches lessons to all students from 3/4YOC to 11YOC.  This week, in the library, activities were connected to the overall idea of thankfulness.  Students in the 3/4YOC and 5YOC discussed thankfulness and asked them to share – through drawing – who and what they are thankful for. 

Slightly older students had slightly more challenging activities this week!  The 7YOC learned how to alphabetize.  Organizing alphabetically is important in many places and students practiced the skill unique to the library by organizing nonfiction books using the three first letters of the author’s last name.

Different types of literature have different characteristics.  In the 9YOC, students searched different elements of non-fiction and categorized books accordingly with a matching activity.

As the 9YOC worked with non-fiction this week, the 11YOC worked with fiction.  Students showcased their favorite literature by creating book trailers.  They also plan to share the trailers with younger students as well.