Step Inside the 9-Year-Old Class

The 9YOC takes reading very seriously while still loving the books they read.  They find joy in reading during the school day and continue the good reading habits by reading at home as well.  In addition, reading of all kinds are encouraged – students enjoy being read to, reading in groups and of course they most enjoy their sacred independent reading time!

For this post, we will hear from the 9YOC themselves as they share some of the special ways that they celebrate reading each day.

“We have our very own book baskets!”

Book baskets keep our reading organized. In our book baskets, we always have our reading notebook for projects and taking notes, our independent book(s) and group/partner book we are working on. These baskets stay with us throughout the entire reading time and have materials we may need while reading including post-its, pencils, whiteboards and markers. 

“We have regular reading conferences with our teacher!”

We have reading conferences with our teacher regularly. She keeps track of what we are reading and where we are in our reading. Once we are a few chapters into our independent book, we meet to talk about our reading and to start thinking of a fun, meaningful project to do. 

“We talk about our books and like to tell others about them as well, so they will be interested!”

There are a tremendous number of books in the library and sometimes it’s hard to choose. If you’re having that problem, stop by the wall outside of our classroom to find out what the 9YOC likes to read and why. 

“We have our own reading rocket”

Arguably one of the best things about reading at home besides the fact that  you know, reading is fun, the 9YOC celebrate home reading by setting different goals and having a class party once we’ve reached that goal. This quintile we’ve been working on reading 10,000 pages combined as a class and are very nearly ready to celebrate our achievements!