Step Inside the 6-Year-Old Classroom

The 6-year-old class works every day on reading, writing and math.  Recently they completed their Cultural Studies Unit on the ‘Marketplace’.  This unit focused on the differences between goods and services and then the process of how a product goes from producing to the store.   The six-year olds then worked with a partner to decide on a product they wanted to create then sell. 

 Process – This first step was the process.  The students planned their product with their partner and then began making their product to sell.  Each group had to make 20 items!

After the products were all made the partners needed to make their Store to sell their items.  They needed to create a name for their store, a slogan, a product description and finally set the price of their item to sell.

Selling!  After completing all their products and making their stores, the students were ready to sell their products!  The 5-year old class and the 7-year old class were invited to the 6yoc classroom.  Each buyer had $12 to purchase items from the stores.  The 6-year old students were responsible for selling their products.  The unsold items were then bartered between the 6-year-olds.  In the end, everyone learned a lot and had fun.