Step Inside the 5-Year-Old Classroom

This week we step into the 5-year-old class!

Procedural writing sounds like something that can be pretty complicated…but it is nothing that our 5YOC can’t handle!

Earlier in the week, the 5YOC practiced their procedural writing by examining the process of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Each step of the process was carefully explained by students, with a combination of words and photos.

Learning and reviewing processes, and practicing with the PBJ process paid off on Thursday as students took on an even bigger challenge…explaining and then following the steps of making a pizza.

Students prepared themselves for cooking first and explained to Mr. Simms the correct procedures for washing hands and taking their seats.  Then, Ms. Kortlucke asked them what to do next.

TEACHER: What step is next?
TEACHER: Sauce…on the table?
STUDENTS: Sauce on the dough!

After that, students took over and explained what to do and then followed their instructions to make some amazing looking pizzas, one important step at a time.

The 5YOC did a great job this week.  Evidence of their hard work can be seen in the hallway across from the 5YOC.  Their booklets explaining both the peanut butter and jelly process and the pizza process are on display.  We encourage you to check them out.