The preschool classroom had much fun learning about tools and machines this week! The 3-4-year-olds learned about construction terminology, machines, and tools. We explored the tools used by many different professionals including the tools that we use in preschool. They explored artist’s tools, carpenter’s tools, gardener’s tools, and baker’s tools.

We had fun considering and comparing the different building styles of the Three Little Pigs. The students decided that they also want to be as hardworking as the three little pig so they can be safe and have fun after working very hard.

We borrowed tools from the school’s maintenance team and the students loved experimenting with the hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and more! As a part of our tools week, the school’s maintenance team added a busy board to our classroom. The students are amazed at the manipulatives and are thinking of adding more themselves!

We learned about simple machines and began to use tools for measurement. But most importantly, we used our imaginations as we use the tools to build and create!