Step Inside the 11-Year-Old Class

In the 11YOC students have been studying Mesopotamia.  As part of their unit they visited the historical site of Erebuni on the edge of Yerevan.  This week, the eleven year old students were asked to take the role of an ancient Mesopotamian.

Their task was as follows:

“As a scribe and artisan in ancient Mesopotamia, it is your task to record how your great civilization came to be in order for future generations to recognize its importance.”

The students embraced the challenge!  They first researched specific areas of Mesopotamian achievement.  Next, students recorded them in both scribe and artisan form.  The scribe portion of this project took the form of a narrative, and the artisan form used Minecraft for Education to build. 

The students then combined their writing with their digital worlds to make short movies.  They viewed each other’s work and provided feedback.  After watching the “rough cut” movie drafts and getting new ideas, they revised and edited to make fantastic final projects  

Of course, such great work must be shared with others so the 11YOC will be showcasing their features on Monday with an eager audience of 10YOC and 12YOC students.  No doubt the expectations will be high and the screenings a success.

This project, completed over some time in the 11YOC, includes so many great elements.  The project included both individual responsibilities and group collaboration.  Students created digital worlds based on their analysis and comprehension of the content – the ancient past.  A wide range of engaging resources kept students focused on the outcome.  Last but not least, we will have a celebration of learning with a showcase of movies on Monday.