• Dance for Kindness Haiphong

    12-Nov-17 | Jon Mudd

    Kindness is contagious and QSI Haiphong hopes to spread it throughout our city!  Last year's event took place in over 120 cities, spanning across 50 countries with over 15,000 participants. This year, all around the world, on November 12th, the Dance for Kindness was bumping.  The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves – beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion and realize that we are citizens of the world and that kindness is the common thread that unites us all.  Whatever you do - dance, speak, think, act, sing - do it with kindness! Thank you to everyone who made this such an awesome day!  

  • International Carnival 2017

    11-Nov-17 | Jon Mudd

    The QSI Haiphong International Carnival is a time to celebrate and enjoy our diversity! German pretzels. Chinese steamed buns. Vietnamese pho. French crepes. American rice crispy treats. Filipino coffee. Indonesian pisang hijau makassar. Romanian pie with proverbs. Indian samosas. Taiwanese tea eggs. Korean tok ggochi. Japanese dorayaki. And it was more than just good food! The children took full advantage of the carnival games and fun!

  • STOP the Traffick Success

    06-Nov-17 | Jon Mudd

    Save a life... or 35!

    The results are in and they are staggering to say the least.  Our little school of QSI Haiphong may be small, but we are mighty.  During our first annual STOP the Traffick Walk/Run we raised 3,500 USD to be donated to Captivating International.  Captivating International is an organization that works to stop the trafficking of women and girls over the boarders of Nepal.  QSI Haiphong was part of a world-wide campaign to raise money and one of the groups to get the most people involved.  It is an honor to be a part of such a caring community.  Thank you QSI Haiphong and good work!