Kozak 30 is a daily block of time at Kyiv International School dedicated to student led activities and is used to promote student engagement in mastery learning, leadership development and extracurricular activities.

Activities take place in a variety of settings including the new Student Center, the Old Gym, the Cage, the Blacktop, the Fitness Room, the Multi-Purpose Room, the Recording Studio, the Auditorium, and various other classrooms around campus.

Students have the freedom to chose what they do each day as Kozak 30 is a time for them to cultivating interest and skills in a wide range of activities including:  

* Academic Support and Quiet Study
* Study Lounges
* Club Meetings
* TED Talks and Guest Speakers
* Podcasting and Band Camp
* DIY and Master Classes
* Rock Climbing and Bouldering 
* Table Tennis and Air Hockey 
* Chess and Board Games
* eSports
* Badminton, Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball
* Fitness, Yoga and Meditation


Secondary 30 Schedule
Monday through Friday: 11:21am to 11:51am

Middle School 30 Schedule
Monday through Friday: 11:54am to 12:24pm

Students can stay up to date with our daily schedule by joining the Kozak 30 Viber or WhatsApp groups.

If you have any questions or if you are a member of our campus community and would like to be involved in the program, please feel free to contact me.

David Conover
Kozak 30 and Week Without Walls Coordinator