Healthy eating and developing appropriate behaviors starts at home and continues at school.
KFN's mission is to promote and influence healthy food choices for children. Our work is guided by the following 6 principles:
1. Variety
Create diverse meals including foods from all 5 food groups with a broad spectrum of colors and textures.
2. Whole core foods
Choose nutritious ingredients with minimal processing from the 5 core food groups. Make sure one can identify what one is eating.
3. Balance
Remember junk food is not an everyday food. Enjoy core foods first and incorporate 30 minutes of planned exercise daily.
4. Portions
Learn appropriate serving sizes and read labels for guidance.
5. Eat meals together
Sit down to share food with family and friends without distraction.
6. Practice mindful eating
Be aware of hunger cues and take time out to eat and experience the moment.

KFN's philosophy of nutrition helps our community to achieve a healthier life.

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