There are always shifts in Educational Philosophy. Educators call it the pendulum of education (ideas that were once in favor, fell out of practice, and returned). Technology is currently in transition. It isn’t far from imagination that a student’s educational needs could be met with online resources. In fact, at KIS, we use a system called the MOODLE to do just that—reach students online. However, you chose KIS and QSI for reasons other than the school’s web presence. Obviously, there is the excellent facility—unique in Kyiv. More important, the staff, composed of international teachers that are hired for their love of children, Western educational training, and interest in the diversity of International Education. Another important reason is the Mastery Learning philosophy that all QSI schools follow. All of these factors are important in the successful education of a child. An email or website or learning game that accomplishes such critical development is a useful tool, but success is achieved by a community of people interested in following a clear course to clear objectives. Teachers, parents, administrators, students, support staff are all part of that community at KIS. Technology is a vital part of education, now and in the future. However, quality teaching in a quality environment is a valuable framework for educational achievement. You have made the right choice by joining KIS! Let's have a great year together!

Frank Galicia


At KIS MS, we have a shared vision: The Kyiv International School Middle School provides, in English, a supportive and challenging community for each of our students to achieve personal, physical, and academic excellence. Together we all succeed. The School strives to create a safe, supporting environment that fosters creativity, social action, and academic excellence. The Faculty dedicates itself to provide quality learning experiences, high personal education standards, and to meet student needs through advisory and advocacy. The Middle School Student is committed to meeting high academic and personal expectations, making every effort to honor the success orientations of KIS. The KIS Parent communicates, supports, reinforces and teaches alongside other members of the community.