Kyiv International School Sports and Activities

MISSION The primary purpose of our athletic program is to provide a positive environment in which to prepare our young people for the future. We certainly hope that all student-athletes or participants acquire the principles of discipline, self-sacrifice, and dedication as they progress through our program.


1. What activities are available for my child outside of the classroom?

KIS sports are divided into one of three seasons; Fall, Winter, and Spring. Cross Country, Soccer and Secondary School Volleyball take place in the Fall, Swimming and Basketball in the Winter and Track and Field, Middle School Volleyball, and Secondary Tennis in the Spring.

Activities such as Speech and Debate and Robotics do not follow a seasonal schedule and take place at different times throughout the year depending on the date of the CEESA event.

Please refer to the CEESA Sports and Activities Chart for dates and event locations.

2. Who is allowed to participate in these events?

All KIS middle school and secondary school students who are enrolled on a full time basis at KIS are eligible to participate in these events. In order to stay eligible students must put forth the required effort in the classrooms. Students not doing so will be placed on a “D” list and will ineligible to participate until the effort level improves and they are taken off the list.

3. When do these activities take place?

All MS and HS activities take place after school from 3:50 until 5:15. HS sports take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while MS sports are on Tuesday and Thursday. HS activities take place on Tuesday and Thursday while MS activities take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

4. How do students get home after practice?

A late bus is provided free for all regular bus students. This bus leaves the school at 5:30. Students who do not normally ride the bus are able to sign up for a late bus for a fee.

5. Is there a fee to participate in these activities?

KIS is fortunate to be a member of the KSSL (Kyiv Schools Sports League) which gives us the opportunity to compete against other schools in the city. These leagues are available for soccer, basketball, and volleyball. In order to participate in these leagues students pay a small league fee which, depending on the sport and age level is between 20 and 40 USD. These fees must be paid before a student may participate. Other sports will ask for payment if events are hosted in our area. We try to host a swim meet and Cross Country race for local schools.

6. Do the teams have a chance to travel?

KIS is also a member of CEESA (Central Eastern European Schools Association). CEESA schools in our division include schools in Istanbul, Moscow, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, and Bucharest. KIS students will have the opportunity to travel to these schools to compete in their sport. While participating in activities KIS students will have an opportunity to travel to these as well as Helsinki, Tirana, Sofia, Vilnius and many other schools within CEESA. A full list of schools can be found on the CEESA website at

7. Where do students stay when they travel to other schools and what is the cost involved?

Students traveling for CEESA events stay with families from the host school. This is reciprocated when students from these schools come to KIS. Costs vary depending on the number of students on the trip and the location. Generally students will expect to pay in the range of $350.00 to $500.00 USD.

8. Will I have to host students in my home?

A major component of all CEESA trips is the home stay. Therefore, it is expected that all students who take part in after school sports or activities must be available to host students for events held at KIS. This does not mean that you will host every event each year as we try to place students in gender and age appropriate homes. It does mean that if you indicate you will be available you must be available. It is also expected that students who are participating in an event being held at KIS automatically host students for that event. Students who are not available to host students will not be eligible to travel to other CEESA events.

9. Can students who do not want to travel still participate?

Our mission in the athletic department is to allow as many students to participate as possible. Students who do not want to travel are allowed to participate. They will take part in local league play if available. Coaches will however be putting teams together to prepare for CEESA trips. These teams are usually made up of the students who will be traveling.

The MS philosophy is a bit different than that of the Secondary School. Secondary School students will have tryouts for soccer, basketball and, volleyball. Those chosen to be a part of the team will continue to participate. In the Middle School, all students who sign up and remain academically eligible are able to participate throughout the season.

10. How and when do I sign my child up for these activities?

To sign your child up for activities or sports you must complete the registration form found on the school web page.