Transportation Service

Tirana International School provides transportation for students. 

The standard of the service includes:

  • New, comfortable, spacious vans
  • Vans are equipped with security cameras and GPS tracking service
  • Licensed, trained & experienced drivers
  • Booster seats for preschoolers and adjustable seat belts for all other students
  • Students do not spend more than  40 minutes in the van based on their location
  • Pick-up and drop-off location is arranged at the most available, appropriate, close location to the home address of each student
  • Morning and Afternoon Service

Explanation of the Zone Structure: As you can see from the fee structure, there are only two zones on which fees are based: “Zone 1” and “All Others.” Zone 1 incorporates locations fairly near the school. All other locations will need longer drives and therefore higher fees. Please refer to the map below for the areas included in Zone 1.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Transportation requests might not be offered either because of extreme distance; capacity (usually for registration requests after the beginning of the semester).


The transportation service offered by TIS is 100% compliant with Albanian law regarding student transportation. All vans are painted in orange color, equipped with cameras that film inside and outside.

Obligations of the Students’ Families

In order to ensure a successful service, we ask that families provide the following support and cooperation

  • Pay the designated fee for each term, in full and in U.S. Dollars at the beginning of the term. (Note: Parents will not be refunded for the days that students are absent and do not use the transportation service .)
  • Ensure that the students are at the designated pick-up location at the established pick-up time.
  • Support the establishment of seating assignments and behavioral expectations for students.
  • Notify the transport coordinator and the for any concerns and collaborate in resolving the issues.

It is very important to notify the transport coordinator  for cases when their child is registered in an activity which affects the assigned transportation; cases of pick-up; cases when the parents pick the child up by themselves; etc.