Safety and Security

TIS is secured by our professional security team, which provides security 24/7. The school is gated and supervised all the time with a video camera system and we work closely with the American embassy security office and the Albanian state police as well. Security team is vigilant when students are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon. They assist in the traffic time in order to make these processes smoothly and quickly.

School welcomes visitors during the day and they should have an ID or passport to submit at the security office in the entrance and after that they are provided with a visitor badge to enter inside the building. When they leave they must return the visitor badge and get their ID back.

Parent Pass: School provides to parents, and persons who are in charge for children with their permanent passes.
The parent pass is to be used only by the individual on the pass. Spouses, relatives, drivers, etc. may not use the same pass. The pass does not give the right to enter the school at any time. Parents should have an appointment, meeting or other reason to visit during the school day.

Emergency Actions: During the year TIS held periodically expected and unexpected drills such as: Fire, Earthquake, Hold in Place, Storm and Bomb threats drills. All these drills are practiced and we follow all the steps as it is a real emergency situation. Teachers and support staff have Emergency Actions Plans guide which instructs them what to do in all this cases.


TIS Health Services

The goal of the TIS Health Services is to promote wellness within the community of learners and stakeholders.  Education research clearly shows that students that are healthy and happy are better able to master new concepts and share their ideas with others.  

Families may visit the Health Service office during the school day from 7:45 to 4:00 to inquire about illness or preventative care.  Our hope is to provide information and support for our families as they determine the best care for their children.  

Newcomers to the school should schedule an appointment to visit our office before beginning the first day of school.  This visit will provide an opportunity to discuss any health issues, allergies, or other concerns that TIS should be aware of as we work with your child.  During the school year, our office conducts vision and hearing screenings for children and communicates results to families so that they might follow up on the results.    

As a reminder, TIS is a nut free school due to some severe nut allergies within our community.  We understand that this causes an inconvenience for some and appreciate your willingness to help keep our community safe.  

Health Services Documents

School Doctor – Valbona Selmani 

Our school doctor is Valbona Selmani. Dr. Valbona has 8 years of experience at TIS and 15 years as a doctor within Albania. 

Please feel free to reach out to her if you have questions or concerns.

Valbona Selmani MD, Tirana International School Doctor

Tel: 355 42 365239   Email:

Transportation Service

Tirana International School provides transportation for students. 

The standard of the service includes:

  • New, comfortable, spacious vans
  • Vans are equipped with security cameras and GPS tracking service
  • Licensed, trained & experienced drivers
  • Booster seats for preschoolers and adjustable seat belts for all other students
  • Students do not spend more than  40 minutes in the van based on their location
  • Pick-up and drop-off location is arranged at the most available, appropriate, close location to the home address of each student
  • Morning and Afternoon Service

Explanation of the Zone Structure: As you can see from the fee structure, there are only two zones on which fees are based: “Zone 1” and “All Others.” Zone 1 incorporates locations fairly near the school. All other locations will need longer drives and therefore higher fees. Please refer to the map below for the areas included in Zone 1.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Transportation requests might not be offered either because of extreme distance; capacity (usually for registration requests after the beginning of the semester).


The transportation service offered by TIS is 100% compliant with Albanian law regarding student transportation. All vans are painted in orange color, equipped with cameras that film inside and outside.

Obligations of the Students’ Families

In order to ensure a successful service, we ask that families provide the following support and cooperation

  • Pay the designated fee for each term, in full and in U.S. Dollars at the beginning of the term. (Note: Parents will not be refunded for the days that students are absent and do not use the transportation service .)
  • Ensure that the students are at the designated pick-up location at the established pick-up time.
  • Support the establishment of seating assignments and behavioral expectations for students.
  • Notify the transport coordinator and the for any concerns and collaborate in resolving the issues.

It is very important to notify the transport coordinator  for cases when their child is registered in an activity which affects the assigned transportation; cases of pick-up; cases when the parents pick the child up by themselves; etc.

Parent Support Group

All QSI schools will work to establish an active Parent Support Group. All QSI Parent Support Groups will use the same acronym of PSG or Parent Support Group. 

All parents are encouraged to become actively involved with the school through the Parent Support Group.

The goal of the Parent Support Group in QSI is to make the learning environment the best possible place for children.  To achieve this goal, the Parent Support Group (PSG) will:

  1. Work to enhance communication among parents as well as between parents and the school.
  2. Organize educational and social events for QSI students and/or the school community.
  3. Assist classroom educators in ways that allow for more efficient and productive use of classroom management time.
  4. Enrich the regular classroom curriculum.
  5. Promote fund-raising events in order to purchase items or services the school might not easily obtain.
  6. Develop events that encourage student involvement and understanding of the local community or host country.

Financial Scholarship

The Tirana International School Scholarship Program provides tuition assistance for academically outstanding Albanian students seeking to benefit from an internationally based education program. The program is available from elementary school through high school graduation, providing scholarship students with a well-rounded academic program as well as a culturally-diverse campus to complete their studies.

Up to 10% of the total school tuition paid by full-fee students will be made available for scholarships. The scholarship is a financial-need as well as a merit-based scholarship. The decision to grant scholarships is made each year by the Tirana International School Advisory Board and is based on several criteria, including demonstrated financial need, English proficiency, exam placement results, letters of reference, and previous school performance.

You can find full details of the scholarship program for school year 2019-2020 by writing to the admissions office. 

Please note the deadline to submit scholarship applications is March 29, 2019, but parents may submit the application at any time.  However, those acceptable applications received before April 2019 will have precedence over those submitted later.  

For further information please contact the admissions office at

Admissions Information

Moving your children to a new school or country can be an incredibly stressful time for a family. Along with the pressures of relocation, children often are concerned about fitting in socially and academically in their new school home. Our teachers and staff have vast experience in helping those new to TIS to quickly form relationships and to experience initial success in the classroom, allowing for a smooth transition. Along with a full-time counselor, our office has an admissions coordinator that is happy to answer questions about TIS or even just life in Albania.

Please feel free to write to Egla Lila at with any inquiries or if you would like to arrange a tour of the facilities. 

Many common questions are answered in our School Information Packet 2019-2020, which we can mail to you on request. In addition we are happy to address specific questions regarding student needs, our curricular program, and current after school offerings by email or in person.