Preschool Program

Tirana International School has a thriving, exciting program for preschool aged children from around the world.  Our teachers and paraprofessionals have a firm understanding of how children learn and grow. All the teaching subjects are taught in English, most of the teaching staff are English native speakers, they are all certificated and qualified teachers. We accept children from age 2 into our international program that includes developmental instruction, lots of exercise, and healthy food choices. Pre-school students have their Schedule for Specials as well  and 2-3 times per week they have Art, Physical Education, Library, Computers and Music. 

The 2-year-olds Program:

The 2-year-olds program is designed to expose children to their first group/social experiences with other 2-year-old children.  Students participate in a variety of activities that focus on the development of the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral aspects of the child.

The 3- & 4-year-olds Program:

The 3- & 4-year-olds program is designed to engage the child in his/her first formal school experience. This is a research-based, developmentally appropriate program that incorporates education of the whole preschool child through multiple components.


Tirana International School (TIS) is accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), an American accreditation board that works with American and International Schools. In addition, we are affiliated with the U.S. Department of State and the Advanced Placement’s College Board. Our daily studies include English (reading, grammar, composition, and spelling), Mathematics, Science, Cultural Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Intensive English classes are offered to students who need additional help with English. Computer use is integrated across the curriculum. Additional language acquisition is offered in French and Spanish. The school seeks to provide students with an appreciation for the rich culture and history of Albania. The entire curriculum can be accessed on the QSI curriculum site.

Tirana International School has a strong belief that all of our students can succeed, and we work tirelessly to help them achieve that success in their personal, physical, and social lives.

The academic program challenges every student to achieve excellence, from the early years through Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school. This model ensures mastery of specific skills and knowledge involving both individual and group instruction. The educational philosophy is founded upon the premise that 1) all students can succeed, 2) success breeds success, and 3) it is the responsibility of the school to provide the conditions for success through a combination of challenge and support.

Tirana International School believes it is better to engage in the study of the basics of education and gain mastery rather than cover large amounts of information superficially without mastery. This happens by hearing, seeing, and experiencing in learning situations, followed by practice and repeated exposure. Some of the ways this happens are through dialogue, questioning, experimentation, risk-taking, and group activities. In the end, our students engage in understanding “how to learn” as opposed to only rote memorization of facts. In the realm of knowledge, Tirana International School has identified these areas for mastery:

Mathematics and Science

Mathematics and Science courses are critical in today’s world. As in all TIS courses, math and science text books are all from the USA and are all designed to build upon each other from bottom to top. World class lab equipment and mathematics manipulatives are a mainstay of our program. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered on site in high school.

English Instruction

English is vital for students to excel in all subjects. For that reason, TIS adds extra class time in both reading and language arts courses to ensure students get the instruction and time they need at the level they need it. This double focus on English, both reading and writing, gives TIS students extra support in their most essential course. As many students come to TIS without a background in English, specially trained teachers are here to enable students to reach fluency as quickly as possible. At the same time, mainstream courses for students who are reading and writing at grade level are challenging and incorporate listening, speaking, reading, writing and creative expressive skills at all levels

Cultural Studies

Our students at TIS have experienced first-hand the importance of entering into another culture. As expatriates in Tirana, they have learned the value of studying traditions, history, and philosophies of not only our host culture, but cultures throughout time and around the world. Parents often visit classes to share their own experiences as representatives of cultures studied within the classroom.


As technology is the fastest changing part of our world, students of all ages are engaged in courses that teach and facilitate growth in word processing, internet functionality and safety, creativity and design. These skills are then used in their other courses to add real world experience to the use of technology.

Physical Education and Personal Health

With regular classes at all levels, TIS students build awareness of fitness and movement as well as developing the skills in sports and dance that allow them to interact with friends in sports and games both during and after school. We actively participate in competitions with other CEESA (Central and Eastern European Schools Association) schools as well as a group of small international schools in the Tirana area.

Art and Music

Every Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School student at TIS engages in music and art classes each week. Our students have great instruction and outlets for their musical abilities as they play instruments and sing in the choir. All students also take art courses from an experienced instructor in a wide-ranging program that includes drawing, painting, and mixed media. Our middle school and high school students have an opportunity to participate in the annual QSI Balkans Fine Arts Festival each spring.

Foreign Languages

TIS provides the opportunity for students aged 5 and older to learn French, Spanish, Russian or German from certified instructors. Middle school and secondary students are encouraged to join the after-school French Club or Spanish Club and join the respective group on a spring excursion to France and Spain. 


After-School Activities and Athletics

We believe that after-school activities add quality to students’ educational experiences and help them grow in both academic and social areas. With this belief in mind, we offer both school-sponsored and community-sponsored activities throughout the school year.

School-sponsored activities are free of charge. These activities are planned in three cycles during the school year, each cycle being about 10 weeks in length. Teachers try to vary these activities during the school year in order to allow for active play outdoors as well as outdoor options. We are always open to suggestions from families about the activities they would like to see.  Also, we encourage parents to offer activities themselves.

Signups for Activities

Please visit our new After-School Activities Website: TISACTIVITIES for more information.


Tirana International School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for middle and high school students. TIS is a member of the Central and Eastern European School Association (CEESA), as well as the local Tirana Association of International Schools (TAIS). The school also participates in joint activities with fellow QSI schools in the Balkans: Sarajevo, Podgorica, and Skopje. Taken together, participation with these other organizations affords TIS students the opportunities to enhance their educational program and experience the social, competitive, and cooperative challenges that will help them grow in more ways than they can by sitting in a classroom.

Part of the extracurricular experience involves travel outside the country to events hosted by CEESA, QSI Balkan schools, and others. These competitions and learning experiences are extremely enriching and help students grow.

But, we want to make sure we don’t “overdo” the offerings, and have out-of-country activities overshadow in-school activities. Please note that all students’ first priority should be classroom obligations and work; these other activities should serve to supplement and enrich, not replace, our regular program. 

Families may register for all activities and athletics through a link provided by the school.

Visit TIS

Thank you for visiting Tirana International School website.  Even though we believe that we have published all the main important information regarding the school, we highly suggest you to pay a visit in our campus. We would love to show you the school facilities and discuss how we might best meet your needs as a family. We are glad to answer all you questions regarding the academic program and school life.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us to schedule a visit:

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We look forward to meeting you!

Why choose TIS

  • TIS – 26 years of successful service to the international and local student community in Tirana
  • Tirana International School (TIS) is accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), an American accreditation board that works with American and International Schools. In addition, we are recognized by the US State Department and the Advanced Placement College Board.
  • The educational philosophy is founded upon the premises that: All students can succeed; Students breed success; and it is the responsibility of the school to provide the conditions for success.
  • Education process starts from 2 year old through high school.
  • All the teaching subjects are taught in English, most of the teaching staff are English native speakers. The staff has an average of 11+ years of teaching experience, and they are all certificated and qualified teachers.
  • Our daily studies include English (reading, grammar, composition, and spelling), Mathematics, Science, Cultural Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education, Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German and Russian)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school
  • Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma (AP Capstone)
  • Spacious classes and small number of students, allowing for ample individual attention for all students.
  • We have a School Counselor who works with students and their families toward the universities acceptances. She is the connection bridge between students and universities in US, Canada, UK and Europe.
  • Students aged 5 and older have the possibility to be part of school sponsored after school activities here you can find more details:
  • TIS is a member of the Central and Eastern European School Association (CEESA)
  • TIS offers amazing facilities, students and parents have the opportunities to use all school facilities such as: gymnasium, football pitch, tennis court, exercise room, play grounds.
  • Great location, fresh air and quite area.
  • Gated and safe school.
  • Students from 30 different countries – it means socializing with different cultures.
  • TIS is an nonprofit school

School Lunch

TIS works in partnership with Era Catering to provide hot, healthy lunches to students during each school day.  The cafeteria is in compliance with all national health and safety codes for the purchasing, preparing and serving of food. Families that are interested in purchasing the school lunch may contact Elvisa at for a full menu and information. Vegetarian and gluten free options are available.

Sample Lunches:


Tirana International School utilizes the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test in order to help our students and teachers understand and plan for growth.  As an adaptive assessment, MAP is able to provide level appropriate questions for students that help them demonstrate their own level of achievement.  Because of this, each testing session is slightly different as assessments draw from a large digital bank of questions in order to determine areas of strength and growth.  Once testing is complete, educators are given immediate results so that we might identify targets for future learning and plan for the next level of success.  Discussion of MAP results and individualized plans are a key part of our parent and student led conferences.  We encourage you to visit the NWEA website to learn more about how you as parents can be involved in this important process.