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  • Moodle at QSI

    04-Oct-16 | Brian Gerbracht

    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    Recently QSI Phuket has expanded its connectivity with students and parents through the online portal called Moodle.  The faculty spent two days in September constructing online courses for a variety of classes at a number of levels. Most students have at least one course that has been enabled by their instructor.  The purpose of this is to provide a secondary means of communication for students to interact with their instructors. 


    Moodle is an online tool that has many functions including, but not limited to, a calendar for ongoing and upcoming assignments, a repository for digital textbooks and videos, a platform to send notices, and a place for teachers to create online quizzes for practice and assessment. 


    Our faculty will continue to use this tool throughout the year to provide a complementary source of information to the classroom experience.  Every teacher will spend a brief amount of time with you at the parent/teacher/student conferences in October to show and explain how this works and can be of benefit for our children.  I encourage your children to show you what it looks like and how they use it in conjunction with their classes.


    Moodle is currently available for students 5 years and older.   Here is a link to our QSI Phuket Moodle page - http://gold2.qsi.org/pkt/login/index.php.  At this time your child will have to provide you with their login password in order to examine their current online courses.  


    If you have any further questions on Moodle please contact me directly.



    Brian Gerbracht

    Director of QSI Phuket



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