Dear Parents,

On Wednesday Dr. Patrick Campbell visited our classroom in the morning. He was great with the kids! Dr. Campbell brought flowers, seeds, pots, soil, and pictures for the children. He taught students how to plant seeds and demonstrated the different parts of a plant. Next week we will continue exploring this topic.

Our field trip to Tesco was very successful. On both days we left school  at 11:30 AM and returned around 3:00 PM. The kids all came back with bags of fruits and nuts and big smiles. I was very pleased to see it all went better than expected. A big special THANK YOU goes to Pairin, Kaili's mom. She was super, duper helpful. She took very good care of  everything and patiently answered the many questions asked by strangers that stopped her to inquire about the children. I cannot say thank you enough to Pairin.

I am extremely impressed with the way all students accomplished each task during the field trip. They worked hard at completing all our plans, practiced being patient, and cooperated with each other. Quite a rewarding trip. Below is a summary of the plan we followed.

  1. Lunch- Children ate sticky rice, chicken, pizza, and pasta for lunch. They were a very hungry bunch! Yum! Yum!
  2. Visit the bank- At the bank all students had a chance to speak to a teller and complete a transaction independently (change 100 baht paper bill for 10 baht coins).
  3. Go shopping!- Our first stop was the toy section. Students soon learned that toys are not cheap. Here we practiced identifying numbers on price labels. It was cute to hear them use the word expensive when they pointed the toys they wanted (5,999 baht!!!). After checking out toys, we walked to the food section to find items children had previously planned to buy. Since we all had agreed to shop for healthy products, we headed to the nuts and fruits aisles. Today's group wrote a shopping list of 6 items. They all followed their list. It was a great tool!
  4. Weighing fruits- Students carried their own baskets, stood in a line with the rest of the customers, and had their produce weighed and labeled. They practiced being patient.
  5. Check baskets- Before heading to the cash register, we all sat down to check the contents in each basket and the prices. It was important not to overspend. All students understood they could not spend more than 90 baht, if they wanted to buy ice cream.
  6. Let's pay!- Finally it was time to use the money to pay for the groceries. Funny to see some students getting upset because they did not get a lot of change back, yet others were so excited when their money envelopes were empty.
  7. ICE CREAM!!!- After so much work, children were rewarded. They got their grocery bags, held their 10 baht coin,  and went to buy ice cream.
  8. Trolly car ride and back to school-  After a productive afternoon, happy kids, and sweet smiles, it was time to come back to school.

Our next field trip should be in June. I am making arrangements to visit the Turtle Conservancy in Mai Kao. I hope more parents can join next time. Let me know if you are interested. Additional details will be sent in the future.