21st Century Skills

Leadership starts with understanding, communicating, and collaborating. This is why at QSI Tbilisi, we believe Model United Nations and Debate are key to developing future leaders.

In the past four years, QSIT has made a point of attending only high quality THIMUN and World School Style debate events. MUN focuses on diplomacy skills and knowledge, while debate focuses on argumentation and speaking skills.

For several years, QSIT has attended The Hague conference in the same building where famous treaties are negotiated between the major world powers. The Hague International Model UN (THIMUN) is the original student conference founded 50 years ago, and is recognized for its high standards of academics and student organization. We have also been attending the prestigious St. Andrews MUN in Dublin, Ireland. As part of this leadership program, our students gain real world experience not only as delegates, but committee chairs.

QSIT is spearheading English language debate in Georgia. We are the only school to host English language tournaments – each November, we are proud to host top level international trainers at our Debate Camp. Our students gain experience in parliamentary style debate, and must learn to construct clear effective arguments in a short amount of time. At Prague Spring Debate, we learn from national teams, such as Netherlands and China, as we develop our own team. We hope to be the first to represent Georgia in World Championships. 

Top universities recognize the level of knowledge and critical thinking necessary to succeed in Debate and MUN. But aside from college acceptance, we are developing leaders – this is why we not only attend, but plan events at QSI that require student planning and execution such as Debate Camp and “Mini-MUN”. The skills that students develop in these programs will be used the rest of their lives. They will interact with many other student leaders, but more importantly, they will become leaders themselves.

By Andrew Siebert, Secondary Teacher