Why Success Orientations?

We have a lot of intelligent people in the world. But we also have a lot of smart and intelligent people in the world who lack the value and character the world needs.  To be blunt, we have enough smart people who are not trustworthy or have concern for others.  At QSI Suriname, we believe in academic rigor and we believe in success for all. But no student is truly successful if the academic foundation is not built with values. 

Our seven values are integrated into our curriculum. Your child will be expected to demonstrate the seven QSI Success Orientations throughout this academic year. These values will be discussed, studied, and exemplified by staff and students alike.  As important as chemistry, algebra, and literature are to the mind, QSI Success Orientations are equally as valuable to the heart and soul. 

Our seven Success Orientations are:


Group Interaction

Aesthetic Appreciation


Concern for Others

Kindness & Politeness

Independent Endeavor