Why Placement Matters?

At QSI Suriname, the true mark of success is how well you run the race! Our students come to Suriname from the best international and national schools in 30+ countries. Scoring well above the U.S. average at every age level, with thirty-five percent native English speakers, and using the MAP test for placement, we place students by age, but allow for advancement in mathematics, reading, and writing. We literally teach these subjects the same hours so students may move to the most challenging class where they may succeed.

While every school has grades, we place the student with his age group. Because we teach core subjects at the same hours, an advanced mathematics student or an advanced reader may move up that hour with a more challenging group. Likewise, a student who has come into QSI. For more information about the MAP test, and to see where you stand in the race with QSI students, contact QSI at Suriname@qsi.org. We provide the MPA test at no cost. You can see for yourself where your child is in the race for a quality education.  And don’t worry if you can’t find your school supplies in all those bags and boxes that still have to be unpacked. We have everything you need ready and waiting.

How international is YOUR international school?

QSI Suriname serves the largest community of expatriate students in Suriname. Over seventy-five percent of our students come from thirty countries. With many of our Surinamese students having lived abroad, and with over thirty-three percent of our student body native speakers of English, we not only provide a truly international experience, but also an atmosphere where English is the first language in and out of the classroom.

But the most important statistic of all… 80% of the students at QSI Suriname (from every country) participate fully in the American accredited English reading and writing curriculum led by instructors from Native English speaking countries. With all classes scoring above the U.S. average on MAP test scores, this simply means we are truly and international school and truly an American school abroad. And if you are thinking about going to university in Europe, guess where the Europeans are going to school?  At QSI Suriname, graduates from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia on average are accepted to four universities of choice. And with strong SAT Scores and a QSI Diploma, doors are opening all over the world.