Standards of Behavior

The primary goal relating to student behavior is to develop a sense of responsibility such that the student develops an internal desire to observe acceptable behavior patterns. The responsibility of obtaining this objective rests first and foremost at home. The school also has a responsibility to work in every possible way toward this goal. The home and school, working as a team, should coordinate efforts. QSI hopes this results in positive attitudes toward the school and country. 

Standards of Behavior 

Standards of behavior are outlined as follows in order for the students and parents to know what is expected and what is emphasized: 

  • Students are expected to be kind to others and should consider the feelings of others. Verbal unkindness and physical abuse are not accepted. 
  • Students are expected to be honest in all matters. 
  • A warm relationship is expected between faculty and students. Student interests, ideas, and opinions are to be heard and students are to be given respect. The teacher has authority when the students are under the school’s jurisdiction. Students are expected to give proper respect to faculty members. Any form of rudeness or insubordination should not be a part of student behavior. 
  • Students are expected to respect school property and property of others. 
  • Students are expected to use proper language. Profane, obscene, and otherwise unacceptable language is not permitted. 
  • Students are expected to attend all classes punctually and regularly. 

Disciplinary Measures 

When a student does not behave in a decent and acceptable manner, the following measures may be taken: 

Teacher-Student: For a minor behavior problem, a word from the teacher may be sufficient. This may be a word of warning or explanation. Repeated behavior of this kind will be dealt with more seriously. 

Teacher-Student-Administration-Parent: More serious behavior problems or repeated minor problems should be brought to the attention of the administration, and in some cases the parents are informed in writing of any action taken. Some possible actions which may be taken: 

Counseling with a view to the following

  • Probing into the reason or reasons for the behavior. 
  • Bringing the student to see that his/her behavior is undesirable. 
  • Bringing the student to have a desire for change. 

Separation for a short time from the class or other environment in which the behavior occurred. 

In all cases, the student should think about his/her behavior and in some cases submit a written commitment with a view to improved behavior. In the event that a student does not fulfill a written commitment, the problem may be dealt with through the following administration measures: 

  • Administration-Student-Parent: Very serious behavior problems or continual repetitive minor misbehavior will be dealt with by the administration. Some possible actions: 
  1. Counseling as suggested above. 
  2. Group conference. 
  3. Suspension from school for a designated period of time. 
  4. Expulsion. 

In all cases of very serious behavior problems, the parents will be notified.