QSI International School of Bratislava

Bus Program 2018 - 2019


Your Own Transportation

You provide your OWN round trip transportation to Samorin campus.  



PAID Door-to-door shared bus service - From your home or apartment in Bratislava to Samorin campus.  

The cost for round trip travel is 1480 Euro (1st term), 1100 Euro (2nd term) & 1020 Euro (3rd term) per child


Direct Round

FREE Direct Round trip Shuttle Bus Service (to/from three Bratislava locations to/from Samorin)




KIA Bus - round transportation from Cierna Voda (KIA parents only) - please contact your employer to register your child for this service 


Bus Registration: Please contact Mrs. Stanka Strelcova at stanislava-strelcova@svk.qsi.org.



Morning FREE Bus Schedule





7:40 AM Eurovea Mall (MHD Zastavka - Parkovisko Sheraton Hotel)
7:10 AM Bory Mall 7:15 AM Pezinok (Namestie)
8:00 AM Dunajska Luzna (Nove Kosariska) 7:20 AM Iuventa 7:35 AM Ivanka pri Dunaji (Namestie)
8:15 AM Šamorín 7:25 AM Molecova (MHD Zastavka) 7:45 AM Malinovo (Kastiel)
  7:40 AM Eurovea  8:15 AM Šamorín
  8:15 AM Šamorín  



Afternoon FREE Bus Schedule


BUS 1 - Early Bus (3:50 PM from QSI) BUS 2 - Early Bus (3:50 PM from QSI) BUS 3 - Early Bus (3:50 PM from QSI) Late Bus - Bratislava(5:15 PM from QSI) Late Bus - Pezinok (5:15 PM from QSI)
4:05 PM Dunajska Luzna 4:30 PM Molecova 4:15 PM Malinovo 5:25 PM Dunajska Luzna 5:45 PM Malinovo
4:25 PM Eurovea 
4:35 PM Iuventa 4:25 PM Ivanka pri Dunaji 5:45 PM Eurovea 5:55 PM Ivanka pri Dunaji
  4:45 PM Bory Mall 4:45 PM Pezinok 6:05 PM
6:15 PM Pezinok
      6:10 PM Iuventa  
      6:20 PM Bory Mall