Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

Well, we are another week closer to an incredibly exciting event at QSI Bratislava--the 2017 International Brunch on Saturday, 30 September at 11am - 1pm!  We're still trying to reach a few countries to get 100% participation and representation from our wonderfully diverse community.  If you're interested in having a table, please contact Ms. Mirka at

Other than that, please save the date for a few important events this and next month:

  1. Getting to Know MAP --come meet with Mr. Owen, our Director of Instruction, to better understand the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).  This is solid tool that teachers can use to better craft their lessons for our students.  Mr. Owen will be meeting in room #121 at 3pm on Thursday, 28 September
  2. Fall Festival, Wednesday, 25 October at 6pm - 8pm (this is another great celebration complete with costumes, games, and Trunk or Treat!)
  3. Parent Teachers Conferences, Thursday, 26 October at 1pm - 7pm (students are dismissed at 12pm that day) and Friday, 27 October at 9am - 12pm (NO School for children).  Parents are expected to sign up for a time with each teacher...the sign-up sheet will be sent shortly.
  4. Fall Break, NO SCHOOL from Friday, 27 October until Sunday, 5 November...classes resume on Monday, 6 November at 8:55am.
That's all for now...have a fantastic week!

Best regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director
QSI International School of Bratislava

Classroom News
Request from the ART CLASS - Got Junk?

Do you have unused toys? Broken instruments? Unusable bicycle parts? Don't just throw them out - donate to the Art Department! We are on the lookout for old, unwanted, and/or unused items...You may call it trash, but we consider it treasure! We use these items for many classes and projects and your donations support our student’s wild imaginations and creativity. 

This year we are looking for the following "specialty items", but we will still take everything!
   - toys and knick-knacks (plastic is best, but any material is acceptable) - broken, missing pieces, unwanted, etc.
   - metal items and mechanical objects (ex: broken watches; old gears; nails, screws; etc.) 
   - any recyclable items from your household (please clean before donating). Examples: plastic bottle caps, toilet/paper towel rolls, scrap wood, buttons, etc.

If you are looking for a way to unload "junk" and unwanted items from your apartment, but are unsure how to transport it to the QSI Art Department, please feel free to contact me at I am happy to help you arrange transport!
Physical Education
PE Class is always fun when you can Bowl! :-)
Elemenary STEM Activities
Elementary STEM activities are a great way for students to work together to design different hands-on challenges using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in creative and innovative ways. This week, during the 8th period STEM activity, the students' task was to construct a raft from apples and toothpicks that would float! They all did a great job and the beauty of this STEM challenge was that the students got the opportunity to redesign their rafts, after testing them in the water, until they were successful.
Danbi and Eunji start constructing their raft after discussing their design.
Leo, Alex and Sultan are working together toward creating a successful raft!
9 Year Old Class STEM Activities
STEM is also happening in the 9YO classroom, too. The students task this week was to "Help Harry!" by building Harry a perch using a variety of materials including pipe cleaners, tape, aluminium foil and a cupcake form. Helping Harry was the 9YOs first STEM challenge this year, and as with most STEM challenges, teacher involvement is limited, so the students need to work together, listen to each other and share ideas. There were a lot of learning opportunities, sharing, redesigning and reflecting following this challenge. Hopefully, the students are looking forward to the next challenge!
Together, Matty and Zoltan were able to finish the challenge and provide a perch for Harry. Great job, boys!​​
Student Newsletter 
New Faculty & Staff at QSI
Science - John Plunkett
My name is John Plunkett, and I am excited about teaching chemistry and physical science at QSIB. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but have spent most of my life living in West Virginia. I’ve had a lot of interests. Some of them included tennis, bridge, flying, bicycling, golf, skiing, and canine agility.
I studied chemical engineering in college, and wanted to become a college professor someday. But when I graduated school, I became a process design engineer. I retired from engineering when my wife began teaching math and physics for QSI, but I have been brought out of retirement by the opportunity to teach here at QSIB. Finally, after all these years, I’m back in the classroom!
French Teacher - Patrícia Durčáková
Hello I am a 24-year-old fresh Slovak graduate. I come from the north of Slovakia, a splendid mountainous region called Orava. I am closely connected with Slovak traditions - folk costumes, traditional music and dances, since my mum sews folk costumes. I studied languages at the University of Comenius and I also spent one year at the University of Montpellier in France. I fell in love with the country, French culture, food and people. This year I did an internship at the French Embassy in Bratislava and I participated in the Erasmus program for Abilities and Disabilities in non-formal learning in Bologna. This training gave me lots of knowledge. I am a very positive person and I hope to spread my attitude to our students. :)
Music Teacher - Daniel Kuciak
Hello, my name is Daniel Kuciak. I have a Master´s degree in Music from The Musical Art University in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Norgesmusikkhogskole in Oslo (Norway) as a classical student.  I have  played music for most of my life. There isn't an instrument that I have not tried my hand at, and I am a proficient, experienced, creative and motivated professional musician and music teacher. For the past five years I have worked as a music teacher and given classes of oboe, recorder, sax, piano, keyboard, classical and electric guitar, drums and musical singing. I have led school band too.Throughout my teaching career, I have been driven to help students develop their talents and achieve their very best.

With Love, Mr. Music

Dear QSI Families & QSI Staff,

QSIB International Brunch 2017 is only days away.  Currently we have enrolled children from 21 nationalities at QSI International School of Bratislava.  
Right now we have the following 12 countries signed up:  Croatia,  Czech Republic, Ecuador, Argentina,
Iran, Italy, Philippines, Slovakia, South Korea, Ukraine, United States & Vietnam.
Come join us... and let us learn a bit about your home country :-). 

Registration form for International Brunch 2017:

How to represent your Country:
1. Decorating your table with pictures/information about your country (Books, Toys, Power-point presentation on a laptop about your country, etc.)
2. Wearing  your traditional clothes
3. Make national dish that serves 10 (please remember to provide utensils, napkins, plates and/or bowls)
4.You can come to set up your table from 10AM on that day.

Please remember, if you don't want to do it alone, you can ask any friends from your home country to do it with you :-).  
Your friends don't have to be a part of the QSI Family to participate. 

Thank you for your support to help make this event truly amazing :-). Looking forward to seeing you all!

Thank you, 
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