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We are moving into a busy time with Parent-Teacher Conferences, Fall Festival, and all sorts of sports and activity related events.  Please continue to use the Announcements tab on our website and our Facebook page for updates and further information.  Otherwise, please call on me for anything that you might need.  
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Classroom News
To foster the deeper understanding of the Earth's physical geography, the 7 YO students used their hands and tried to create the three-dimensional maps of the world continents. The salt dough is a great tool for this. While shaping the lands, the students could talk about the different landforms and the bodies of water of each continent.
Mastering Bloom's Taxonomy with Jenga

This week, Mrs. Pokorny's 9YO class finished reading their first realistic fiction book, Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat. It was a wonderful story about a boy named Billy and his two pet owls, Wol and Weeps. Since starting this book, the students have been learning how to write higher level reading responses using Bloom's Taxonomy as well as respond to higher level questions using Bloom's sentence stems during book discussions.

The highlight of our final book discussion was using color-coded Jenga blocks to represent each level of Bloom's Taxonomy. The students rolled the dice, answered the questions, and then removed the colored Jenga pieces that corresponded with the color of the Bloom's Taxonomy question cards. The students enjoyed this activity so much that Jenga will be incorporated into the reading curriculum throughout the year to reinforce higher level thinking and reading skills!
10 YOC
The 10YO students use microscopes to investigate microorganisms, as we study the classification of living things. We love science!
12 YOC
The 12 YO Class studied ancient and classical Chinese empires in cultural studies. To show they know their stuff, they created games to simulate the struggle for unification of China under the Qin and Han dynasties. The students put a ton of creativity and insight into their game design. Some games emphasized strategy, utilizing the achievements of the individual warring states. Other games were a creative blend of trivia and art. In all, the games were fun and that's what games should be.
Student Newsletter 
New Faculty & Staff at QSIB 

My name is Joanie Conley and I am the new 5-year-old class teacher here at QSI Bratislava.  I have a Master's degree in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and over 15 years of teaching experience with all age groups. My background is unique because I also served here in the US Peace Corps in Svidnik during the 1990's so Slovakia is my home away from home! 

 I was actually born in the small state of New Hampshire in the USA.  I love teaching children, travelling, skiing and being outside every chance I can get.  I guess its not difficult to understand why I am so thrilled to be employed here at QSI Bratislava.  Zivot je krasny!

Hello, my name is Klara Jesenska and I am a new Slovak and Intensive English teacher. I was born in Bratislava and I live here with my husband. I completed my master´s degree in Slovak and English Language and Literature at the Pedagogical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava. I consider myself as a responsible and creative person with an interactive approach providing students with quality education. I find working with students very rewarding because I can have such a positive influence in developing them at a young age and seeing them flourish. I am passionate about  traveling, exploring new places, learning new languages and teaching my QSI students :-)
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