Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

Wow, what a great turnout for the annual International Brunch...hours of preparations, dozens of delicious dishes, and hundreds of smiles!  Now, we can begin to shift our focus to the next great community event at QSI Bratislava, the Fall Festival.

A few dates/times to note:

  • Fall Festival, Wednesday, 25 October @ 6pm - 8pm--another great celebration complete with costumes, games, and Trunk or Treat!
  • Parent Teachers Conferences, Thursday, 26 October @ 1pm - 7pm (students are dismissed at 12pm that day) and Friday, 27 October @ 9am - 12pm (NO School for children).  Parents are expected to sign up for a time with each teacher...the sign-up sheet will be sent shortly.
  • Fall Break, NO SCHOOL from Friday, 27 October until Sunday, 5 November...classes resume on Monday, 6 November @ 8:55am.

That's all for now...have a great week!

Best regards,


Daniel Blaho, Director
QSI International School of Bratislava

Classroom News
AP World History students went to Rome! Okay, maybe the Roman boarder. Students in Mr. King's AP World History class are responsible for learning the huge scope of human history from all corners of the earth. No simple task. So the opportunity to apply what they are learning about in real time was a real adventure for these 10 go-getters. They studied the achievements, customs, and life of the Romans, just as they had done in this area nearly 2,000 years ago all in one cool morning. 
European Day of Languages / QSIB Students Performance
The choir is growing and going! The 11s and Secondary Choir Club performed at the European Day of Languages festival in Old Town on Tuesday, performing everything from pop music to traditional choral pieces. Piggybacking off of last year's success, Choir Club has grown to over 30 students who impressed festival attendees with their polish and sound, no small feat considering they've only been practicing for a month. Needless to day, we're really proud of how these kids represented QSI in our community. 
This year the 9YO class is embarking on a whole new way of viewing the traditional classroom newsletter - through student blogging. 

Using the kid-friendly blogging platform called Kidblog, the students' log into a teacher-created webpage, click New Post and start blogging. This past week, in Mrs. Pokorny's class, the students' generated an entire list of interesting and fun topics happening in the classroom to blog on that ranged from STEM activities to brownie points! Their posts will then be drafted, edited and published for their cyber-audience - parents - to view and comment.

On Friday, the students were in the computer lab, logging in and blogging for the first time. There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm using Kidblog and Mrs. Pokorny hopes that this momentum will continue throughout the year. Kidblog, being a success, hinges upon the importance of this classroom blog being student-driven and teacher-guided, so that the students continue to generate their own topics and simply enjoy the process of writing.
Here are Diana and Petra choosing colors and headers for their individual blogs.
Here are Andy and Matty giving an enthusiastic 'thumbs-up' for Kidblog!
QSI Bratislava International Brunch 2017
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Student Newsletter 
New Faculty & Staff at QSI
Hi, my name is Sofija Pejic and I am a new librarian as well as an Intensive English teacher at QSI Bratislava. Since I am originally from Serbia, I studied at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade and received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English Language and Literature. Currently, I am working on my PhD thesis on British Postcolonial Novel at the same university. Before moving to beautiful Bratislava with my husband, I have taught in a Serbian primary school for seven years and worked as a professional translator. I enjoy literature, music, movies, popular culture and working at QSI.

Hi! I’m Holly Plunkett and I am very thrilled to be here at QSI Bratislava. This is my 39th year of teaching mathematics, but only my third year teaching physics. Most of my career was spent in West Virginia, USA where my husband and I have a home in the mountains. I love to ski in the winter, take long walks in the summer. I enjoy reading and planning trips. One of the great advantages to being in Bratislava is the opportunity  to travel…I love to see new places!

I was born in Bratislava, but then I was age 6 or 7 I moved to Toronto, Canada with my mother. I went to All Saints elementary school, and then to Michael Power St. Joseph's High School in Toronto. After high school I studied Chemical Engineering Technology at Seneca College in Toronto, and then Chemical Engineering at Queen's University in Kingston. I worked for Kingsway Wholesale, a pharmaceutical wholesaler for two years after university, and then in March 2013 I moved back to Bratislava while my mother and brother remained in Toronto. I have been teaching English ever since. Nowadays I like to travel and have been to many places in and around Slovakia. 
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