World Scholar’s Cup

38 students from QSI Sarajevo recently participated in the two day academic competition, known as the World Scholar’s Cup. Many students spent several weeks in their classes, preparing for the different events which included the Scholars Challenge, Collaborative Writing, Team Debate and Scholars Bowl, covering a wide variety of subjects including science, literature, arts, music, history and current events. It was easy to tie in the preparation with some of our units as well as build on our Success Orientations.

Students from 10yoc up to S4 can participate in the World Scholar’s Cup. Our largest group formed the Junior teams (age 10-14). This has been a huge success for our students. As individual names and teams were called up to the stage to receive their trophies and medals, students jumped from their seats, some so overcome with emotion – tears of joy rolled down their cheeks. QSI Sarajevo walked away with 11 trophies, 66 Gold medals and 72 silver medals.

Our QSI Sarajevo World Scholars should be proud of their teamwork during this two day event. We were happy to see all of our students doing their best, challenging themselves to overcome some nerves, work INDEPENDENTLY when needed to, but always coming back with a strong sense of camaraderie with their GROUP INTERACTION. We want to compliment QSI students on their behavior. Anyone attending could clearly see that QSI students have learned and model the Success Orientations during performances, showing AESTHETIC APPRECIATION by listening and watching with respect. They were RESPONSIBLE in meeting at allocated times and locations. They showed CONCERN FOR OTHERS when a friend needed a boost of confidence or just needed some moral support. Their parents and teachers could TRUST them to represent them well by being KIND and POLITE to their opponents with constructive, yet positive feedback during debate and at other challenges. QSI Sarajevo was very happy to have had our students represent us in the World Scholar’s Cup. Not only did QSI students reach academic achievement, they clearly demonstrated Great Character!

The QSI Sarajevo wins have earned the teams an invitation to one of the six Global Rounds this summer, in Beijing, China; Nursultan, Kazakhstan; The Hague, Netherlands; Manila, Philippines; Durban, South Africa; or Sydney, Australia. Top qualifiers compete at the annual Tournament of Champions at Yale University in the fall.