QSIS Ski Week 2020

Two weeks of skiing, fresh mountain air, sun, snow, and a bit of rain are behind us. QSI Sarajevo students who have never skied before can now say that they are owners of another life skill, and those who are more experienced skiers have perfected their skiing skills. Younger students who went skiing the first week, forty-two of them, had no trouble fighting the cold, the first steps of skiing, and the exhaustion. On the contrary, they proved to be very determined and physically healthy to keep up with all of these and ended the week being able to control the skis, the turns, and the infamous T-bar ski lift. The teachers who accompanied the students are very proud of them! 

The second¬†ski¬†group, 9-13 YOC, forty-eight of them, enhanced their¬†skiing¬†skills during the Bjelasnica¬†ski¬†week. These students were able to practice some of the new¬†ski¬†skills and apply them throughout the week under the guidance of experienced, responsible, and friendly instructors. Yes, more snow on the mountains would have been preferred; however, we did manage to use each day of our two¬†ski¬†weeks to work on our¬†skiing and to have a great time. Thank you to everyone who helped ‚Äď this is a big project, but it is all worth it once we see our students being able to make the turns, use the lift, and¬†ski¬†– along with having a smiling face while doing it all! Thank you and see you on the slopes next year!