Hitting the Slopes!

Every February students from QSI Sarajevo spend a week attending ski school. The QSIS Ski Program is one of the most popular programs at QSI International School of Sarajevo. It is appreciated by parents and loved by students! Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for breathtaking nature, and the city of Sarajevo is lucky to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Bjelasnica, Trebevic, and Jahorina Mountain were home to different sport disciplines during the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. These beautiful Olympic mountains receive a robust amount of snow from December to March. The ski program itself takes place on the Bjelasnica Mountain, which, with its variety of ski lifts and slopes, enables students of all different skiing abilities to enjoy skiing and acquire new skills.

Preparations for the ski program begin in November when QSIS Ski Program coordinators visit representatives of the ski resort and choose a ski school. The chosen ski school provides students with certified ski instructors and offers ski equipment to our students and supervising teachers.

Since the program is so favored, nearly all students, ages five to thirteen-years-old, eagerly participate. Students are divided into two major groups according to their age, and each group has a week of ski lessons led by certified ski instructors.  Each ski group consists of five to nine students, and are divided according to the ski level of each student. Classes are small. This enables quality ski lessons for all. QSI teachers and assistants also accompany their classes to make sure everything runs smoothly, and some even ski with the student groups and instructors, providing more safety and comfort for the students. Bjelasnica offers chair lifts, t-bar lifts and baby lifts. The ski slopes vary in complexity from blue, to red and black diamond slopes. More advanced slopes are also available, but only for experienced skiers.

All students are fitted with appropriate ski equipment, if they do not have their own equipment. Ski equipment is stored on the mountain. Students begin their day on the mountain at 9 o’clock, enjoy two-hour lessons and have a chance to warm up and rest in the ski lodge while having a warm lunch at the restaurant looking over the slopes. Afterward, students receive two more hours of ski lessons before returning to school.

Our secondary students also have an opportunity to attend ski school during a Secondary Ski Weekend. Secondary I through Secondary IV students are accompanied by teachers and led by ski instructors. They enjoy a weekend of camaraderie, bonding, and skiing. Two full days of skiing and activities take place, and students spend one night on the mountain in one of Bjelasnica’s hotels.

Students have been participating in QSI Sarajevo’s ski program for almost twenty years. With an increase in the number of students at QSIS, the program has grown and has, justifiably, become something that the school takes great pride in. It is program students enjoy and look forward to every school year. Students return from the mountain tired but happy, satisfied and proud that they acquired a new skill and improved their already acquired ski skills. Spending time out of the city, and breathing in brisk, fresh air also does not hurt.