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Hafida Becker

Parents, Teachers, and Students love QSI Malta. Find out what they have to say.

Parent Testimonials 

"QSIM has been a true answer to prayer for our family!  Five years ago, our older two children were flourishing in their schooling situations, but our youngest was really struggling.  He has epilepsy and this caused him to struggle with learning and this was detrimental to his self-esteem and confidence.  We felt like we had lost our cheerful little boy due to the stress and anxiety he was facing at school. When we heard about QSIM’s “Success for All” educational program and the Success Orientations that are meant to complement and support family life, we decided to give QSIM a try.  I believe one of the biggest benefits of QSIM for us has been the community support.  He not only has a small classroom, but loving teachers who give him individual attention.  When needed, he has been able to stay in a subject until he masters it, while being challenged to advance in other areas. The family-like atmosphere has allowed him to flourish and regain his optimism and confidence.  The Success Orientations have rewarded, affirmed, and encouraged him to make good choices and be independent. We cannot recommend QSIM enough if you are looking for a school for your child(ren)." - Earl and Robin Pinkston

"We are a French couple with 10 years old twins. They've followed QSIM curriculum for more than 5 years now, and we are more than happy with their experience in that international school. QSI Malta definitely strikes the balance between a good level of teaching and the personal development of the child. We've watched our children blossoming in that school, building self-confidence while achieving excellent academic results, coming back home every day laughing and dancing! Small size classrooms, customized education relying on strengths and weaknesses, wide range of nationalities enrolled, foreign language courses, success and orientation approach developing emotional balance...definitely build QSI success. Of course, this achievement would be impossible without the high commitment of the direction, the staff and the teachers, persevering in an attentive listening of the student real needs." - Rafia, Jean-Charles, Anais and Julyan 


Teacher Testimonials 

"I love the diversity of students and staff at QSIM. In my class alone, there are 16 nationalities represented and together we are able to learn about each other's cultures, families, and traditions. The QSIM community is really friendly and welcoming. It feels like a big family!" - Heather Domenico, 5-Year-Old Teacher 

"Mastery Learning and smaller classes sizes are the things that sets QSI Malta apart from other schools.  These two things provide an opportunity for me create a unique relationship with each individual student, which allows me to create lessons that help students succeed at their own learning pace.  This method ensures students do not get left behind and allows everyone to demonstrate mastery on each topic." - Stacy Stone,13-Year-Old Teacher 

"I choose QSI as a teacher and parent because I believe in Success for All and the mastery learning philosophy.  I love teaching 8/9 yo combination class this year at QSIM.  It is so rewarding to watch the students learn and grow.   We have focused on our Success Orientations and how we can apply them in our lives as citizens, especially during the pandemic.  I feel blessed to be a part of the QSIM family!" - Hafida Becker, 8/9-Year-Old Teacher 

"Being a teacher at QSI Malta is a wonderful experience. With our small class sizes, I find that I am able to develop strong teacher-student bonds which in turn allow for more growth in the classroom. The workspace is also an amazing experience. Everyone is so helpful and kind. Small class sizes along with amazing coworkers make QSI Malta an amazing place to work." - Micaiah Landrus, 9-Year-Old Teacher 


Student Testimonials 

“I like being a student at QSI Malta for a lot of reasons, including that the school has a great community. The school is also international, which means that no matter where you come from, you are welcome here and won’t get disrespected for being from another country or not knowing English. The school also has a lot of open areas and because it's located in Malta where the weather is usually warm it's nice spending lots of time outside in open areas. The teachers are also very polite and kind, caring about everyone and giving you more than enough time to do your work.”- Oleksiy Gubar 12-year-old class 

“I’m grateful for being a part of the QSI community because the diverse and welcoming environment is an amazing place for academic and personal growth. The personalized education, combined with the emphasis on the success of all students makes QSI an ideal school for all motivated students like me.”- Jiri Hora Secondary IV  

“I like to play football and basketball with my friends, and I like my teachers”- Lucas Pomeroy 5-year-old class 

“I like being a student in QSI Malta because I really like the teachers, they are always nice and kind to me and to all the other students. Students are also nice and always help each other, together with the teachers, they make learning fun and exciting. Everyone is very supportive no matter what happens.”- Andrea Horova 10-year-old-class 

“I like being in this school because I don’t need to wear a uniform and the teachers aren’t mean to you.”- Amira Tinaoui 8-year-old-class  

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