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Mr. Sean's Character Studies
Emma Stewart

During May our 6 year old class worked on a Character Study as a part of our Literacy units. This involved us looking at a character from a fictional text of our choosing and attempting to understand the choices that the character made. Initially we made a table outlining the words, actions, and feelings that the character had during the story. We then wrote an opinion essay on the character, using the words, actions, and feelings as examples to support our opinions. These activities helped the students to develop a good understanding of their chosen character’s personality and any changes to their personality that had taken place over the course of the story. Now that we had developed this understanding we gave the children the opportunity to independently demonstrate what they had learned about their character. The children were split into small groups and asked to consider how their chosen characters would react in a variety of scenarios. Once they had discussed the scenarios, they were each asked to choose one and act it out in the role of their character in front of the class with the rest of their group taking a supporting role. It was great fun watching our friends act out funny situations and helped to develop confidence when performing or presenting in front of others.

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