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Mr. Sean's 6YO Class
Emma Stewart

This week in 6S we have been using our I.T. time to work on a cross-curricular project that also involved work we have been doing recently in Literacy and Science.

In Literacy we have been learning how to state our opinions clearly and support them with reasons and examples. We learned several techniques we can use to help us support our reasons. These included: statistics; warnings; quotes; counter arguments; and personal stories. In Science we have been learning about the seasons, why they occur and the characteristics of each.

Our students asked each of their classmates what their favorite season was and why, and recorded the answers in a table. They then wrote an opinion paragraph that stated their favorite season. Each students’ opinion was supported by reasons and used at least two of the techniques that we had learned to support our reasoning.

Throughout the year we have also been learning about how to check and edit our work by writing multiple drafts. We initially wrote our opinion as a standard paragraph in our first drafts. After checking these we then put our paragraphs into the format of a friendly letter. Finally, in I.T. we are writing our final drafts and publishing them online using Seesaw.

This gives our students the opportunity to practice numerous computing skills such as: navigating the internet; opening a specific webpage; logging into a personal account; and typing; as well as reviewing areas from our Science and Literacy curriculums. Importantly it also gives each student a chance to practice using their Seesaw account, which is the platform our lower elementary students will use in the case of any online learning needs.

Cross curriculum projects like this are a great way to review areas of study in new and interesting ways that keep the students engaged and motivated. The kids really enjoyed seeing the improvements to their work as they went through the drafting process and found it rewarding at the end to see their work posted online so that teachers and other students could see it.

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