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Miss October's 9YO Music Class
Emma Stewart

In quintile 3, we focus on recorders performing. The student will learn to play simple melodies on a simple woodwind instrument – Recorder. Through this course, they will practice reading written music treble clef and follow along with a simple score. We started the class with recorders warming up as a group within 3 people. The piece that we are learning is Mary had a little lamb using three notes: B, A and G.


In our music class, students will play the differences between quarter, half, whole, and eighth notes. They will also practice posture, hand placement, and correct breathing. We also encourage students creating melodies using 3 notes B, A and G and practice in a group using different time signature that they have learnt during music class. An important element of the 9-year-old music course is performance as a tool of building confidence and stage presence skills.

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