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Miss Lily's Chinese Classes
Emma Stewart

The Lantern Festival in the year of the tiger is on February 15th. People will eat glutinous rice balls, enjoy the full moon, watch lanterns and guess lantern riddles. The Chinese Spring Festival is not over until the Lantern Festival.

In the Chinese class of the 4YO Ms. Annabel’s class, Chinese teacher Ms. Lily had the guessing lantern riddles activity for the students to celebrate the Lantern Festival. The children selected the lantern riddle card on the whiteboard, read out the riddle with the help of the teacher, and the children guessed the answer. The children had just learned the theme of vegetables, fruits and colors, so they quickly figured out what the answer was. They liked the interesting activity. In the 6YO native Chinese class, Ms. Lily and the students cooked dumplings, made dumplings craft, ate dumplings and guessed lantern riddles. The students washed and cleaned their hands. They made a red snowman with strawberries, dumplings and sesame seeds to bring a Happy atmosphere to the festival.

In Chinese class, we have the traditional activities to celebrate the Chinese Festival and learn the Chinese culture.

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