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Miss Joyce's 3YO Class In Action!
Emma Stewart


Every day passes fast in our preschool. Our preschoolers do better and better each day. It is so amazing to see how much they progressed in the classroom.

For the beginning of the school year, with the unit on All About Me, our students started off with recognizing their own names. We played Flashcards with their names. Not forgetting to reinforce their fine motor skills, the children "learned" to tear papers. Tearing paper into smaller pieces is fun and satisfying for them.

In order to tear paper, the children learn to hold the paper between the thumb and pointing finger of each finger of each hand. They then have to move each hand in a different direction. It’s quite difficult but is a great activity to help develop the small muscles in the hands. With the torn paper, the children glued it on the first letter of their names.

The act of tearing encourages useful finger and co-ordination skills. When kids tear paper, they are developing fine motor skills like grasp, hand strength, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, and more. You can try it at home!

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