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Learning About Ancient Greece in 12yo Culture Studies!
Emma Stewart

The 12YO Cultural Studies class is busy studying Ancient Greece and the lasting impression it has left on Western culture. In the first section we learned how Greece became a nation, and in this second section we are looking at how the ideas and culture spread. Recently we learned about King Phillip the second of Macedonia and his more famous son Alexander who subsequently came known as "the great". In small groups, the students created a timeline for these influential historical figures with some really fantastically researched and presented pieces. We have now moved on to the far more fun subject of Greek Mythology and their gods. The students have shared some great prior knowledge (thank you Rick Riordan) and spent class today constructing a family tree of the gods, a daunting task with so many and so much incest! We will further our knowledge by studying an individual god who will be introduced to the class in a modern format next week.

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