The governing bodies of the QSI International School of Chisinau are:

The QSI Board of Directors, in its worldwide structure which governs overall operations of all QSI schools around the world, including both educational and financial aspects;

The Advisory Board, represented by members locally appointed for two-year terms by the School Director among the parents and community leaders. The Advisory Board advises the Director on the operations of the School.

QSI International School of Chisinau Advisory Board (2017-2018):

Jon Routh
Director, QSI International School of Chisinau

Anna Lason
Medical Provider, US Embassy

Iulia Moldovan
Soros Foundation

Torsten Schoell
First Secretary, German Embassy

Timothy P. Buckley
Director of the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Section Organization: US Embassy

Gerardo M. Fernandez
Professor and UN Advisor Organization: Northeastern Illinois University, Southern New Hampshire University, United Nations

Mariana Zissis
Investor and Banker, CTI Capital

The School Director, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school.