Community Involvement

At QSI International School of Malta it is clear that the success of each and every student is dependent on the relationship forged between the teacher, student, and family.  From implementing school-wide agenda protocols, to hosting open houses, curriculum nights, and international brunches, QSI International School of Malta has committed to bringing the community to the school. At the secondary level, families enjoy perusing the science fair, listening to up-and-coming authors at the poetry café, as well as taking in the creativity of the art walk. In the primary grades, parents and community members get the opportunity to come to the fall festival and the winter fair, to read to small groups of children on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and to clap along with the talent show at the end of the year. Because of the concerted effort to involve all stakeholders in school activities, students thrive in developing their own sense of self. 


It is evident that the students at QSI International School of Malta excel at more than just basic academic excellence. Over the past year the offerings of extracurricular activities has grown in length as well as depth. From sewing clubs and hiking clubs to guitar jam sessions and swimming lessons, the student body has a robust list of weekly activities to choose from. Now students are not only able to try their hand at something new, but also to develop a passion and set of skills that makes them unique as individuals. 


  • Winter Program 
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Open House Night 
  • Meet The Teacher
  • Curriculum Night
  • Bingo In The Evening
  • Fall Festival
  • Movie Night In Malta
  • International Brunch
  • The Poetry Cafe
  • Come Read To A Child
  • Dr. Seuss Reading Day
  • Geography Bee
  • Science Fair
  • Charity For Children


  • Art
  • Fret Work
  • Drama
  • Theatre
  • Role Play
  • Gardening
  • Recycling
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cross-Country
  • Eco Club
  • Chess 
  • Sewing