Welcome to QSI International School of Malta!

As your Director, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our students a fantastic year full of joy, learning opportunities, and gratifying successes. From my end I am determined to give my utmost to make this year a great and successful one. My aim will be to ensure that the school achieves excellent performance academically and that every student feels happy in an all-round healthy and safe environment. 

To Parents and all Community members I would like to point out that we need your help and support in order to create a bridge of opportunities through involvement and thus create a better ambience for our students both at school and at home. Working together, we will not only improve our school site but also the classroom environments.  

This can be accomplished by providing our students the ways and means with which to interact with one another, nature and their surrounding environments, eventually creating better citizens and consequently better adults.  

I am both excited and proud to introduce a new ‘After-School Activities’ program. The objective of this program and its upcoming events will be fully explained. I believe it is a brilliant way to raise our students’ interest in extracurricular activities and keep them suitably occupied during after-school hours. A full detailed breakdown of all activities with relative schedules and timetables will be available. 

As Director, my job is primarily to establish a well-balanced community in which everyone is contented and education rules supreme. To accomplish this mission, all of us need to be working together. Communication is the way forward and we will strive to continually keep you informed and knowledgeable with regard to the happenings in our school. 

After all, ultimately we have one common goal in mind and in heart . . . we all want the best for our children and QSI International School of Malta.


Justin H. Fischer