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Mosta, Malta
116 (current)

Accreditation by MSA/CESS
Candidate school for accreditation in 2014

Mr. Justin Fischer
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Our School

Located on 12,000 square meters of land in a beautiful converted villa in Mosta, Quality Schools International is one of 39 QSI schools around the world. It was established in 2007 because there was a need for a quality international school in Malta. Quality Schools International accepts students from the ages 3 – 18 years.

Quality Schools International’s motto, “success for all” is evident - the school only hires caring, licensed and experienced staff to ensure that students reach mastery of learning. The well-defined and supported curriculum means that students can be accepted at leading universities around the world. The school also boasts the most up-to-date instructional materials, including a strong emphasis on the use of technology.

Quality Schools International instructors share a common vision. Our teachers believe that every student can reach success and it is our top priority to provide a strong foundation. At QSI Malta, we have set individual goals through the use of backwards planning. It is imperative that we set high expectations for how we envision successful students.

Our teachers have created a positive culture which projects a "can do" attitude and empowers students to seize opportunities. We base our strengths not off of what our students enter our classrooms knowing, but what our students enthusiastically leave understanding. Furthermore, we believe that strong teachers posses the willingness, creativity, enthusiasm, and motivation to reach all students regardless of background. We keep a high standard while implementing a close family atmosphere.

Along with committed teachers, Quality Schools International, Malta, offers the Advanced Placement International Diploma and also supports curriculum preparation for the IGCSE. The school offers on line courses for students who would like to further their studies beyond the curriculum.

At Quality Schools International, our student to teacher ratio is 8:1. We continue to keep class sizes small in order to ensure that each student receives individual attention and is valued as a person, with a strong emphasis on a positive community atmosphere and character education. Essential qualities such as trustworthiness, kindness, politeness, responsibility, independent endeavor, concern for others, group interaction and aesthetic appreciation are encouraged.

Field trips, school trips and after school activities round out a fine educational experience. QSI International School of Malta encourages strong parent involvement. Whether it be academic support or social engagement, QSI Malta recognizes that the home to school connection is the greatest way to ensure student success!