The community of QSI International School of Malta is comprised of over 40 different nationalities and situated on a campus where the diversity of each student shapes the culture and community of the school. From coursework where classrooms engage deeply with topics of equality and justice to writing workshops with local journalists where personal narratives share their own perspective on community, QSI Malta is deeply rooted to thinking globally and acting locally as diverse agents of change.


At QSI International School of Malta, we are committed to educating lifelong learners and recognize that secondary coursework should extend far beyond what students know to what students are able to do with what they know. Our course offerings, academic goals, and AP classes including the AP Capstone Diploma commit to promoting independent study, investigation, and communication skills necessary for true academic rigor. At QSI Malta, we highlight across academics an emphasis on looking at “real-world issues from multiple perspectives” in order to develop sound “evidence- based arguments,” and we are enthusiastic about the “cross-curricular conversations” the class would promote. Our secondary students have attended numerous lectures from visiting professors of University of Malta, Royal Holloway University, as well as George Mason University in conjunction with in biology, human geography, world languages, anthropology, politics, and refugee and migrant issues. Elementary students experience classroom experiences that incorporate the “inquiry framework” and the breadth of complex expository, environmental, and scientific projects connected to the curriculum—from local theater productions to agricultural in-services the emphasis on synthesis consistently focuses on developing higher order thinking skills. QSI International School of Malta students regularly utilize every opportunity to distinguish themselves as thinkers, communicators, and team members who are tenacious, curious, and innovative. 


Our teachers inspire students best when they themselves are inspired. QSI Malta teachers are lifelong learners and empower students to demonstrate respect in a way that can shape and change lives. From attending Business Professional Women’s career conferences to having visiting Marine Biologists come to speak about research on endangered seal populations, QSI Malta faculty demonstrate that when teachers embolden students to pursue their purpose, they open our students’ potential and develop their minds and expand their curiosity. With bold and creative teaching methods there is no limit to how much good teachers can inspire and transform students. Flexible class scheduling and revised scheduling make the educational opportunities at QSI Malta responsive to student needs.


At QSI International School of Malta fosters a welcoming community and a strong culture of belonging. Academic and extra-curricular endeavors examine and question conventional assumptions about what leadership entails. In small classroom settings with supported discussion and inquiry students understand how actions, relationships, and ideas drive leadership. Workshops with local NGOs to design projects to support the environment, collaborating with foundations to develop and maintain a free local library, and performing through visual and dramatic arts give the entire school community the opportunity to act with integrity. The continued work with long-standing organizations that are dedicated to social justice and service learning give all an opportunity to work toward a common goal.