Simply Better


QSI Skopje is the American International school. In our school you will find caring educators creating comfort so that children enthusiastically seek learning risks. Our students ask questions and will perform or exhibit mastery of learning with ease. Whether in elementary or our rigorous Secondary AP Program students excel and exceed. MAP results guide teaching and reflect performance above international school averages.


We care about the whole child. Success Orientations are character habit application in all that we do asking children to embrace:




Concern for Others

Aesthetic Appreciation

Group Interaction

Kindness & Politeness

Independent Endeavor


The Arts, Athletics, and Service Learning matter! QSI Skopje dedicates more attention and better opportunity for students.


  • The highest percentage of qualified, native English speaking faculty
  • The smallest average class size with a teacher and an assistant
  • The only not for profit international school
  • The highest number and diversity of countries represented


QSI university acceptances across the world include top universities in the USA, England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Hong Kong, Russia, and many others.


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Eric Nelis