Virtually every five-year-old comes to school eager to learn. The mission of QSI Bishkek is to keep this urge to learn alive in every child.


Preschool Program 


Ages 2-3-4


The QSI Bishkek Pre-School program is offered for children 2-3-4 years old. Children are placed in classes according to their age.

The preschool program offers participation in a variety of play related and hands-on experiences designed to develop learning readiness, physical coordination and development, and the social skills necessary to be successful in a classroom setting. Emphasis is placed on the development of self-confidence, self-esteem and natural excitement to learn. A full spectrum of activities is provided including Music, Library, Art Technology, P.E. and play.

For more details on the Pre-School curriculum, please check the QSI Curriculum website.

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