Success Orientations

The QSI Success Orientations are an important part of the Student Life experience here at Kyiv International School.

Success Orientations provide behavior expectations for our campus community, help build positive character in our students, and contribute to our school being a safe, inclusive place.

Throughout the year, students who have consistently made positive contributions to the campus community are celebrated during our Success Orientation Recognition Rallies.


Students will demonstrate Kindness/Politeness by:
~ Displaying acts of sympathy, encouragement, helpfulness, patience and courtesy.
~ Giving time and resources to help others.
~ Using socially and age appropriate language.
~ Being a person who does not make remarks which put down another.
~ Being a person who does not bully.

Concern for Others 

Students will demonstrate Concern for Others by:
~ Being accepting of others from different nationalities, races, religions, and cultures.
~ Being inclusive during academic and extracurricular activities.
~ Welcoming new members of the school community.
~ Avoiding actions or words which are hurtful.
~ Demonstrating support for peers.

Group Interaction 

Students will demonstrate positive Group Interaction by:
~ Actively participating in academic and extracurricular activities.
~ Supporting adult and peer leadership by being a positive member of the group.
~ Being cooperative.


Students will demonstrate trustworthiness by:
~ Telling the truth and being honest in all situations.
~ Not cheating or stealing.
~ Following through with commitments.
~ Displaying appropriate behavior at all times.


Students will demonstrate responsibility by:
~ Coming to school and class on time.
~ Being prepared bring books and materials to class.
~ Competing school work in a timely manner.
~ Being organized and prepared for each class.
~ Taking care of school property.

Independent Endeavor 

Students will demonstrate Independent Endeavor by:
~ Pursing interest outside of one’s comfort level.
~ Showing initiative when engaging in academic or extracurricular activities.
~ Setting goals which demonstrate student engagement and challenge.

Aesthetic Appreciation 

Students will demonstrate Aesthetic Appreciation by:
~ Being a positive contributor to Eco-School program.
~ Keeping the school free of litter.
~ Respecting nature.