In order to promote diversity as well as academic excellence, Kyiv International School (KIS) offers Academic Scholarships to Ukrainian children and a limited number of foreign nationals who might otherwise not have the chance to attend the Kyiv International School. 

Application Window

The application process for scholarships opens each year during the first two weeks of March and during that time a link will be available to applicants.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Scholarships are dedicated to Ukrainian Nationals and a limited number of foreign students.
  2. A copy of the student’s passport must be provided before the start of the school year.
  3. Scholarships are available only to those students who have the potential for academic excellence and demonstrate a financial need.
  4. The Scholarship is determined as a percentage of each term fee.
  5. The decision to grant and/or revoke a scholarship will be made by the KIS Advisory Board.
  6. Students, who have their scholarship revoked, may have the opportunity to continue their studies at KIS as non-scholarship students whose parents pay full tuition.
  • The criteria to determine whether or not a child will be granted a scholarship includes the following:
  1. The child must be in good health as required of any full paying student.
  2. Tests will be administered by the school designed to predict the success of the student in the school. These tests will be administered in the following areas: Mathematics and English proficiency (written expression, reading comprehension, and verbal expression)
  3. The strengths of the child will also be assessed in the areas of sports, arts and culture.
  4. Assessment of parental and/or extended family support for the child’s academic achievement including financial support.
  • The Kyiv International School Advisory Board:
  1. Review the short list of new scholarship applicants and interview potential candidates, recommended by the KIS Director, to determine which student(s) will be awarded a scholarship, and what part of tuition cost the scholarship will cover.
  2. Review the report of Scholarship Renewal Candidates to determine if any scholarships will be revoked.
  3. Define dates in the “Application Timetable” section of the Scholarship Application for each school year.
  4. Revise the scholarship policy and scholarship application as needed.
  • The Kyiv International School Director of Instruction and School Guidance Counselor:
  1. Establish guidelines for monitoring the academic and behavioral performance of scholarship students.
  2. Meet with the scholarship students at the beginning of the school year to discuss guidelines and how the student’s behavior and academic performance will be monitored.
  3. Monitor the behavior and academic performance of the scholarship students.
  4. Meet with the scholarship students and their parents/guardians at the end of each quintile to discuss their progress. These meetings will be documented by the school and retained in the student’s record.
  5. Provide assistance for students who are having academic difficulties to the extent necessary and appropriate
  6. Provide the Advisory Board a written report on the progress of scholarship students at the end of each quintile per the requirements listed in point 3.a of the Director’s responsibilities above.


Renewal of a student’s scholarship for the next academic year of student is not automatic. Scholarship renewal is dependent upon the student meeting all of the following criteria throughout the academic year. Failure by the student to meet the criteria will result in loss of his/her scholarship upon the end of the academic year, or earlier as indicated below, unless otherwise approved by the KIS Advisory Board.

Academic Excellence

The student must maintain “Academic Excellence” by:

1. Having an overall average of 50% “A” at the end of the school year.

  • Receiving a “B” in an Advanced Placement (AP) courses has no effect on the percentage of “A’s” received.

2. Earning no more than two grades of “D”.

  • The scholarship of any student who receives a “D” grade, during the course of a quintile, will automatically come under review of the KIS Advisory Board who may invoke the right to revoke a scholarship before completion of the academic year. Receiving three D’s within a school year is grounds for immediate revocation of the student’s scholarship.

Social Excellence

The student must maintain “Social Excellence” by:

1. Receiving no “Ns” on two quintile status reports for any individual success orientation. a) Receiving no more than one “N” per quintile on any status report.

2. Remaining in good standing throughout the school year and conforming to the behavioral expectations set forth in the Kyiv International School Student Handbook.

3. Refraining from cheating or plagiarizing.

  • Scholarships will be revoked immediately and without recourse for any scholarship student found guilty of cheating or plagiarizing.

4. Participating in at least two school-sponsored extra-curricular activities throughout the course of the year.


The student will maintain his/her “Attendance” by:

1.Being absent no more than eighteen (18) days per school year including illness.

  • Absences for School sponsored activities (eg. CEESA Trips) will not count towards the total days.

2. Applying to the Advisory Board for special consideration due to extended absences if he/she wishes to have their scholarship renewed.

Parental Involvement

Parents of scholarship students will be expected to support the school and be an active participant in their child’s educational endeavors. Attendance of Parent/Teacher Conferences in mandatory. Examples of other areas of involvement are:

  1. Sport’s Activities
  2. Music/Drama Productions
  3. Parent Support Group (PSG)
  4. Hosting of visiting students.

In the Scholarship renewal process parents will be asked to report on their involvement in the school and participation in school activities.