#online activities

The following activities are offered #online for our campus community. While some activities are geared towards particular age groups – the whole family is encouraged to participate.
Kozak Talks
Each week we host guest speakers from our campus community as well as the fields of education, arts, entertainment, sports, journalism, politics and business to talk about current topics and answer your moderated questions.   

1) Jonah Fisher – Reporter, BBC News: flipgrid.com/7ea60aae
2) Billy Rech
– Tech Geek. KIS: flipgrid.com/604fbca8
3) Joey Jenkins – Owner, Vooks: flipgrid.com/163de74e
KIS Maker Challenge
Welcome to the KIS Maker Challenge – where members of the school community take on a variety of open-ended projects/problems. All that is required to participate is a dose of creativity, several cups of critical thinking and as much as imagination as you can spare.

New challenges will drop weekly. There is no deadline for completion. Just check out a challenge, work it out the best you can, and then post a video response of your final project. Need help? Contact kozak45@kyiv.qsi.org.

1) Challenge 1: The Catapult – flipgrid.com/31f31a0e
2) Challenge 2: Cardboard Creations – flipgrid.com/5e81f42c
Kozak Storytime
Welcome to Kozak Story Time!  This Flipgrid is a place to listen to stories read by our teachers and staff and a place for members of the Kyiv International School community (students, parents, grandparents, or your cat) to share and read their favorite stories.

You vs Zombies
Welcome to a choose your own FligGrid adventure. In the story – you are a brave & intrepid member of the Kyiv International School community navigating a zombie outbreak.

Several times a week a new chapter of the story is published. At the end of each chapter, you are given options of what you want to do.  Make the correct choice – move on in the adventure. Make the wrong choice – zombies eat your brainz!  

1) Prologue – flipgrid.com/b3f28c0a
Directed Drawing
Students explore a variety of art mediums as they follow step by step lessons which encourage them to develop technique, creativity, and imagination.

Directed Drawing is open to the entire campus community and participants are encouraged to share their work once they are done. Courses are taught using artists from the KIS community and YouTube videos.

1) How to Draw Piggy w/Mo Williemsflipgrid.com/cd958636
Kozak 45 Gymnastics
Our instructor, Ms. Nadia will post gymnastics workout and training videos twice a week on FlipGrid and then host weekly Zoom class with students to practice what they have learned. Check FlipGrid for details of Zoom days and times.

5,6,7 Year Oldsflipgrid.com/kozak45gymnastics567
8,9,10 Year Oldsflipgrid.com/kozak45gymnastics891
Kozak 45 Hip Hop Dancing
Our instructor, Artem Gozhy, will regularly post dance videos on FlipGrid for you to watch and practice.  Be prepared to move, groove and have fun!  Then once a week he hosts a Zoom class. Check FlipGrid for details.

Kozak 45 Karate
Ms. Natasha, the school’s Karate master will regularly post instructional videos on FlipGrid for students to practice at home. Check FlipGrid for information about her weekly Zoom call.

Kozak 45 Parkour
Championship Living Room parkour instructor Andrey Lystopad posts videos every week teaching our students how to (safely) jump, roll and tumble through the our homes! Then once a week on Zoom he hosts a class. Visit Flipgrid for details.

5,6,7 Year Olds – flipgrid.com/kozak45parkour567
8,9,10 Year Olds – flipgrid.com/kozak45parkour8910
Kozak 45 Zumba
Our popular Zumba Kids instructor is bring her Kozak 45 activity to FlipGrid and Zoom! Dance to the music and get fit at the same time! Visit each FlipGrid for days and times for each Zoom call.

5,6,7 Year Olds – flipgrid.com/kozak45zumbakids567
8,9,10 Year Olds – flipgrid.com/kozak45zumbakids8910