Welcome to the LOE (Languages Other than English) web page!


We offer instruction in five languages — French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian — at a great variety of levels for elementary and secondary learners: native and non-native; beginner and advanced; and QSI, IB, and AP programs. Unless extra English help is needed, all students from 6 years old to Secondary 4 attend our classes. Middle and secondary school students often study two languages: their mother tongue and the foreign language of their choice.

Our students’ success and progress is very important to us. We provide safety netting sessions during and after school for those having difficulty or needing to catch up. Correct placement is very crucial, so these students take level tests at the beginning and end of each school year. Also, each student’s progress is tracked in a portfolio containing an ongoing record of skills mastered.

LOE teachers are professionals who follow international standards for teaching foreign languages, and encourage and prepare students to take external international tests such as DELF (French), Goethe (German), DELE (Spanish), etc. Typically 95–100% of our candidates do well on these exams and earn certificates of success.

Finally, because we want our students to use the target language outside of class, we organize clubs, contests, concerts, trips, etc.

These are several reasons to join us. We care about you!

Sergey Berezhny

Language Other than English Coordinator