Kozak Nation

The After-School Program for Middle School and Secondary Students offers a wide variety of sports and activities over the course of the school year.

Welcome to the Kozak Nation!

Swimming. Running. Debating. Singing. Acting. Throwing.
Shooting. The after-school program at KIS offers students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of both sports and activities – presenting students unique experiences which broaden their skill sets, foster new relationships and contribute to personal growth. I would encourage all students to get involved in our Kozak Nation.
More information on the registration process is available here.
We have programs for both Secondary Students and Middle School Students – please find more details through the links.
Kyiv International School is a member of CEESA .
This allows us the incredible opportunity to travel to other CEESA schools in Eastern Europe and participate in tournaments. We also have the privilege to organize tournaments here in Kyiv and host students from these schools.

Rachel Geary, Athletic Director. rachel-geary@kyiv.qsi.org