Eco-Schools Program

In October 2019 – Kyiv International School set forth the goal of becoming part of the internationally recognized Eco-School movement.
The Eco-Schools programme is a student driven environmental education, action, and certification programme.

Following the Ecoschools 7 Step approach, students from all across school identify environmental concerns both at school and beyond. With the support of teachers, parents and staff, students draw up an action plan and work on solutions.

In the process of making positive change happen, involved students gain valuable real-life experience in project management, negotiating, advocacy, and policy making. And the resulting sense of agency will serve as a powerful life lesson that one can indeed make a difference.

Besides the benefit of an improved environmental footprint, schools can gain a Green Flag as recognition of their efforts once the programme has run successfully and achieved a high level of performance.

Supporting this initiative, more than 45 students across Kyiv International School have formed Eco Committees in our Elementary (as part of our Kozak 45 elementary activities program), Middle and Secondary departments. These student committees are supported by a group of dedicated teachers and additional resources making the Eco-Schools programme a whole school endeavor.

Marion Siekiersk
Eco-School Coordinator