Director’s Message

Dear KIS Families

Our school director connects each week with our campus community through the Kozak Korner. The Director’s Message is also published on the school website.

  • Friday, August 7, 2020
  • Friday, August 14, 2020
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Friday, August 7, 2020

Dear KIS Families,

We hope that you are all safe and well, wherever you might be right now. This has been a unique summer and the school year ahead looks to align with such a theme.

Our new staff members are all arriving safely, getting settled, and are very excited to be here. Returning teachers are also making there way back into the country. We are hoping that this will also be true for all returning KIS families.

We are now three weeks away from the scheduled start of school. Kyiv International School is planning to return to campus on August 27th and open our doors for a new school year.

We have now received some guidelines from the Government of Ukraine concerning how schools should reopen. We fully expect that we will need to make adjustments along the way. Likely you have seen that any area within Ukraine which is “green” may have on-site learning, given we meet the minimum safety requirements.

KIS has already published a number of our safety procedures and practices on our website. We will continue to update these but plan to implement more precautions than have been recommended by the government. The school is preparing videos that we will share with everyone in order to have a better idea of what to expect.

We understand that not all families may feel comfortable sending their children to school under the current circumstances and for a variety of reasons. KIS is planning to accommodate all students with a blended learning plan and would like to solidify who will be on campus and who will be connecting online.

Educational Model #2 – Adapted Schedule  

*Preschool – 10 year-olds  – Attend school daily. The homeroom will be divided into two different groups in order to reduced cohort sizes. 

*Middle School & Secondary – Attend onsite the equivalent of every other day.   

Making Preparations for the Beginning of School 

1)    Complete the “Participation Form” – In order for us to make preparations, we need to know who will be participating in onsite learning and those who will opt for online learning. All families will be able to access the “Participation Form” via the Moodle Family Profile. New families will receive instructions on how to complete this in the next day or so.   

2) Once we have this information, we will be able to prepare class lists and Middle School/Secondary will be able to build a class list for who will be at the campus each day. We will then communicate this list with everyone.  

3)    We will also be able to better identify our transportation needs once we know who will be attending campus each day. This also means that there will be two separate bus routes depending on which middle school/secondary group is attending that day.

Lunch Service 

KFN is preparing a simple menu that they will share with the community. They are also working hard to prepare for a safe lunch service program. They will be serving all lunches packaged. This information will be shared with you very soon.  

Community Consideration and Social Responsibility 

This will definitely be a mind shift for all of us, even though we have already grown accustomed to living a new type of life, we are committed to trying to live our best pandemic life. This means that we will all need to be adaptable, flexible, and will require some cooperation, consideration, and consistency on our part. Even though there are likely a range of opinions and thoughts concerning the school’s plan and the seriousness of COVID-19, we ask that everyone work together to do everything possible in order to keep our community safe.   

First Few Weeks of School 

We understand that we will need to spend more time in the first couple of weeks of school teaching and practicing new routines and working out the potential issues within our plan. We are also preparing to make sure we address the social-emotional needs of our community throughout the year. Normally, we would have an onsite open house and meet the teacher, but this year, we will be planning for a virtual open house for everyone.   

Communication from the School 

I know that many of you are still on summer holidays, but due to the unique circumstances, you may get a number of emails from the school, as we make a number of preparations. We will send out notifications and reminders to complete the “Participation Form”.

Town Hall Meeting

We will plan to host a town hall meeting on Thursday, August 20th. If his schedule still permits, we will have Mr. Ezra Barzilay, Ukraine’s Country Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, join us to also provide some insight and answer questions. 

We really appreciate your patience and support. We are excited that we will be having school on campus, but fully understand that it will not come without its challenges. If you have any questions, as we continue to release information, please feel free to submit them to the school using the KIS 2020-21 Questions from Parents form. 

We will do our best to keep our children, teachers, staff, parents, and the wider community as safe as possible. 

Luke Woodruff, Director