• Athletics Update

    01-Jan-01 |

    Here at AIS we are striving to make all of our athlete’s leaders, whether that is on the field or off the field.  We believe in commitment to TEAM and to ourselves, with a major focus on working together as a team.

    This year the Central Asian Basketball Classis (CABC) was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  AIS sent 2 teams to Tashkent this year, a varsity boys and a varsity girls team.  Games started on 5-March and continued until 8-March.  The varsity boys had two games on Wednesday, one against Hope Academy and one against Tien Shan.  The boys came up a bit short, but played well.  The girls had one game on Wednesday against Tien Shan and also came up a bit short. 

    On Thursday the boys played Tashkent and QSI Bishkek, they needed to win one of the games or their tournament would be over.  The boys played well against Tashkent, but came up short again, the Bishkek game was different.  The boys played from behind most of the game, but battled back to tie the game with less than a minute left to send it into overtime, it took 2 overtime periods to decide a winner and our boys came out on top in that game.  The girls played Tashkent and Astana on Thursday.  The girls came up short against Tashkent, but beat Astana later on that day.

    Friday started the bracket play for both teams.  The boys had to face the #1 ranked team in Tien Shan.  Our boys really gave Tien Shan something to worry about for a while, but then Tien Shan started to pull away with the game.  The girls also faced Tien Shan, but had different results.  The girls beat Tien Shan for a place in the championship game against Tashkent.

    Saturday was the last day of the tournament, the boys were playing for third place and the girls for first.  The boys had to play Hope Academy, the boys played extremely well, but came up a little short in the end.  The boys played a varsity tournament with a team consisting of 90% junior varsity boys, I could not have been happier with the way the boys played, stayed focused and never gave up at any point.  The girls had to face Tashkent for the championship.  The girls played really well, but came up short.  They were a little hurt about the loss, but they should be really proud of the way they played and stayed focused the entire weekend.

    All in all it was a very good weekend and we all should be proud of the way our boys and girls represented AIS in Tashkent.  If you see one of the players give them a high five and let them know that we appreciate their efforts.  GO AIS!